Best Chili Recipe

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To be voted a Super Bowl Winner at your Super Bowl party, you need a winning recipe. Pizza and Pajamas Best Chili Recipe will enhance any half-time buffet sporting nachos, salsa and other finger foods. One bite of our easy chili recipe and your Steelers' and Seahawks' football fans will be cheering for more!

What is our secret ingredient? Cocoa. That's right. Chocolate is the power of the dark side in our recipe. Cocoa makes our recipe taste delicious and sweet so much so that it will be universally enjoyed by all family members. A recent report from WebMD states that the antioxidant in cocoa eases blood pressure and helps circulation. So, our five-star chili recipe is good for you! A study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that cocoa's antioxidants -- called flavonoids - coax the body into making more nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels. Read this complete article at: WebMD

To start cooking our Best Chili Recipe for Super Bowl XL, click on the pizza box below.